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FAITH FM is a non-profit, listener-supported, Christian radio ministry dedicated to serve the country of Belize spiritually, physically, and mentally, and to prepare a remnant people for the second coming of Jesus Christ. The ministry is rooted in the true principles of Jesus, based upon the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy. Through the radio ministry, we seek to point listeners to the faithfulness and trustworthiness of God and His Son, Jesus Christ.



L3G’s & ASSOCIATES was founded and registered by sisters Yadira and Fatima Chi in Feb 2016. L3G’s have developed from a part time home based operation to a full time endeavor for Yadira and Fatima Chi. As the name entails Moms Name Leonie’s 3 girls (L3G’S). Rising up to their standards and Wildest dreams to establish a business of their own.



Tucked away in a tranquil setting in San Ignacio’s twin town, Santa Elena you’ll find The Aguada Hotel and Restaurant, named for a watering hole used by the Ancient Maya, and on our grounds sits a watering hole. This bucolic setting is attractively landscaped with blooaming trees, orchids, iguanas, over 63 species of birds, and a lovely array of foliage and flowering plants.



Elias is a San Ignacio Belize tour guide with over 20 years experience in giving archaeological tours to sites in Belize and to Tikal in Guatemala. Elias is the only tour guide in Belize who is also licensed in Guatemala. While other tour operators will turn you over to a Guatemalan guide at the border when leaving Belize, Elias will be your guide from start to finish.



Hedjintrealtyltd is a real state company.



ICT HAS A PLAN FOR YOU: Our plans are adjusted to all your connectivity needs, with the highest speed and quality of service.



I am a psychic healer that heals on an energetic level. Ditta Dawn means dawn of the little one. It connects to seeing the light through the darkness and the importance of crystal/rainbow/indigo children~ Often known of as Star Seeds or Lightworkers. Many of us have been sent to the planet Earth on a mission to help heal and hold energy for the energetic shift that it is currently going through. This is an exciting time on this planet and its time to put things into action!



Mopan Technical High School is perched on the easternmost side of Benque Viejo in the Hills of Promise Area. This area was within the confines of the village of San Jose Succotz and, in consequence, belonged to the jurisdiction of San Jose Succotz. However, in 1993 the borders of Benque Viejo and San Jose Succotz were re-demarcated by Political Officer, Guillermo Valdez, resulting in the expansion of Benque Viejo and the area of Mopan Technical High School falling within the borders of Benque Viejo.


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